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President serving Kentucky

Doug Anderson

Hello and thank you for visiting our website, My name is Doug Anderson, and I am the President of The Dietitians Office, formally known as MNT, Incorporated. The Dietitians Office was established in 2009 and became a corporation in 2010. That sounds fancy, but we are a family of Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, and Certified Diabetes Educators. I come from a long, 26-year career in the retail automotive industry.

This may have been the result of the color of my hair! Or maybe it was raising my two wonderful daughters who have also chosen careers in healthcare. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and working with our patients wanting to lead a healthier life. I am also a Tri-Athlete and enjoy competing in Triathlons. Whether competing in the Sprint, Olympic, or Ironman competitions, I feel my Dietitians have been vital in helping me perform at a higher level with their sports nutrition expertise!

You will find me in the background of The Dietitians Office, working with you to arrange your appointment, verify your benefits, develop corporate wellness opportunities, and build relationships with our over 500 referring Physicians, Physician Assistants, nurse practitioners, and of course you. So…… Let’s Do This Together!