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Health Coach services offered throughout Kentucky

Many residents throughout Kentucky, who are ready to take a proactive approach to health and wellness can benefit from working with an experienced health coach. The Dietitian's Office, enjoys partnering with patients to improve all aspects of their health and wellness through personalized health coaching. When you’re ready to begin, call or click online to set up an initial visit.

Health Coach Q & A

What is a health coach?

There is little consistency in the use of the term “health coach.” However, in order to make the most of these services, it helps to partner with a practitioner with education, training, and experience in all aspects of nutrition. 


A health coach is a professional who helps you take control of your own health destiny. They work in partnership with you to create meaningful improvements that enhance how you feel each and every day. 

What happens during health coach appointments?

Health coaching is highly personalized. During your visits, you discuss what you hope to achieve through the process and explore your current health concerns. 


Everyone enters health coaching with a unique set of goals. You might be interested in preparing your body for a marathon or pregnancy, or you might simply want to age as gracefully as possible. For others, health coaching assists with treating one or more types of chronic disease. 


Your health coach helps you create a clear set of goals and chart a course to help you move closer to those goals. This includes boosting your nutrition, an area where everyone can benefit from getting a little support and guidance. 


You also learn how to make physical activity part of every day. You don’t need to embrace a rigorous workout routine to see rewards; something as simple as walking daily can yield improvements. 


Finding ways to improve your sleep, reduce stress, and achieve greater mental health is also part of health coaching. 

How long will I need to work with a health coach?

Everyone has unique needs when it comes to health coaching. If you have a specific goal, like getting fit before a summer vacation or improving your blood sugar, you may need only a relatively short health coaching process. 


If you hope to overhaul your approach to nutrition and move beyond a lifetime of disordered eating or obesity, you might choose to continue with health coaching for a longer period of time. No matter how long your initial health coaching journey lasts, you can always rely on the team at The Dietician’s Office for guidance and support. 


Learn more about health coaching services by booking an initial visit online or over the phone. These services can also be provided through telehealth connections, making adding health coaching to your busy schedule easy.