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Weight Gain services offered throughout Kentucky

For many people, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is an issue of weight gain, not loss. Working with a skilled nutritionist is a great place to begin, and for many throughout Kentucky, The Dietitian's Office fills that role. To schedule a time for a consultation, call the office or go online to use the booking feature.

Weight Gain Q & A

What makes weight gain so difficult?

Many people who struggle with weight loss find it hard to understand that there’s another side to weight struggles. For some, striving to take on pounds to reach a healthier weight is a central focus, and it can be just as challenging a path as trying to shed unwanted weight. 


Various factors can cause people to become or remain underweight. Some of those issues include:


  • Anemia
  • Frequent illness
  • Osteoporosis
  • Certain cancer treatments
  • Premature birth
  • Irregular periods
  • Growth and developmental issues
  • Certain mental disorders


Regardless of what led to your struggles with weight gain, healthy solutions can bring you closer to your ideal weight. 

How can a nutritionist help with weight gain?

Gaining weight isn’t simply a matter of piling on the calories. The best way to increase your weight without damaging your overall health is to partner with a highly skilled nutritionist to create a customized weight gain plan. 


Your practitioner works closely with you to help you start viewing food as fuel for your body and as medicine. Taking in the right volume and blend of high-quality nutrients each day is important, but it isn’t always intuitive or easy. 


Your nutritionist begins by assessing your current nutrition efforts and preparing notes on areas to make improvements. You might receive personalized meal plans to help you increase your weight over time. 


Getting plenty of exercise is also an important part of weight gain. Many enjoy weight training exercises that strengthen the body and create healthy bulk.  

How do I maintain my weight gain results?

Once you reach a healthy weight, your nutritionist focuses on the maintenance mode. You continue taking in a specific volume of calories each day. Choosing nutrient-dense foods is a great way to keep your weight at an optimal level while also fueling your body.


You may need to come in frequently in the beginning stages of your weight gain journey. But as you enter the maintenance stage, you might only need occasional visits to check in on your progress and discuss areas of concern. 


Telehealth visits are also available, making it easy to connect with your nutritionist as needed without having to travel across town or leave the comfort of home. Call The Dietitian's Office team or go online today to book a traditional in-office visit.